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About us
AGK, more than a kite school is a home with a dominican atmosphere where you will feel in family. We have instructors certified by IKO. They possess the best qualities any person as a beginner would want when it comes to learning a new sport such as patience,positivism, super friendly and motivated. When it comes to having an experience with kitesurfing AGK gives you everything you need to enjoy it.
AGK has an impact on the Cabarete community by adopting young people who want to practice sports but do not have the resources to learn, we give an opportunity to those who need it the most to help them and shape them not as a kitesurfer but as a better person and encourage them to aim for something better in life.
The initials AGK are the initials of the founder (Aryen Gonzalez-Kitesurfing).
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6 HRS   $350 $600 $630 $480
10 HRS   $550 $900 $900 $600
What we
AGK offers you a friendly Dominican atmosphere, with chairs and seats overlooking the sea. Lessons with experts in the matter and English, Spanish, French and Russian speakers. After a session of kitesurfing it will not be necessary to go to another place to enjoy a snack and good music, while you enjoy a beautiful view and entertain watching others riding because we have it all here. You will have access to the bathroom and shower as well as our Volleyball court. You can also use the compressor for your kites and even rent kite equipment in good conditions.Come have your best kitesurf experience at AGK!
Trips are a special part of our services for our dear clients. So, if you are an adventurer and you enjoy kiting in flat waters we take you to Buen Hombre Beach, a beautiful and exuberant beach with white sands, constant and strong wind and above all flat waters. This trip is not only for kiters but also for people who enjoy being in contact with nature. There you can do Snorkeling and boat trips to see the beauty of our country.
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Aryen Gonzalez was born and made in Dominican Republic February 17-1990.
His parents first brought him to Cabarete when he was only cute 3 months old, ask him to show you pictures if you don’t believe it. He was a very quiet kid growing up and terrified of the ocean with all his might such great was that fear that when he saw the waves coming even standing by the shore he would start running away back to his mom and dad crying, pretty funny right!! His parents dedicated their lives to give him and his two younger brothers a very good education and discipline, knowing they lived in a tourist town where English was essential for better opportunities they decided to send him to English school when he was 11 years old graduated at the age of 13 and right in between discovered his love and passion for kitesurfing. But there was a problem, he still did not know how to swim so that made his dream a little more difficult to achieve, But nothing he could not accomplish with a little bit of courage and dedication and of course drinking the whole ocean along the way.
Kitesurfer during the day and student at night in a special school where only people that had already families or had to work during the day and wanted to study would go, that’s how he finished high school at the age of 18, after he dedicated himself more fully to teaching kitesurfing Aryen became the founder of the kitesurfing school AGK, name given by the initials of his name and the word kitesurfing "Aryen Gonzalez Kitesurfing".
After working for several school along the way as an assistant and teaching he decided to go on his own at the age of 18!! with much effort and hardship he made himself well known as a kite teacher and also as a pro kitesurfer in Cabarete.
Foil lessons
Flying is even possible when it comes to kitefoiling. Foiling is another way to express freedom as you fly above the water. Try the best experience ever taking foil lessons with a pro kiter and foil rider at AGK School. Not even light wind is a challenge anymore, as you will be able to foil with very light wind. If you are new kiting or you just want to excel in your foiling skills you are going to see your quick progress taking lessons with us!
Foil lessons
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Tel: +1829-729-3285
Cabarete 57000, Dominican Republic